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How to Install Navi-X Add-On Kodi XBMC (Step by Step)

               How to Install Navi-X Add-On Kodi XBMC

                   @Navi-X Installation Guide Step By Step for Kodi

Navi-X Addons For Watch Live TV,Movie,Sports on PC Through Xbmc/kodi.Navi-X Addons Allows User To Watch Live Channels.Navi-X Addons Provide Multi-Platform For Xbmc.

 Here is Step By Step Guide To install Navi-X Add-ons on Xbmc/Kodi.

Download Navi-X Zip File and save That file To Pc Drive.
1.Open Xbmc/Kodi.
                                  CLICK HERE TO BEST GET ADDONS [MUST VISIT] 
2.Click Settings From SYSTEMS.

3.Click On Add-ons.

4.Click On Install Zip File.

5.Browse Navi-X Addons Where You Save In Drive.

6.Select Add-ons From VIDEOS.

7.Click On Navi-X Addons LOGO.

    After That Click On Navi-Xaddons Start LOGO .Now Watch Live Stream