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How-To install Adult Addons for Xbmc/Kodi(step by step)

Fusion Install Its Provide Live Tv,Movie,Adult Video for Xbmc/Kodi(Guide).

                       CLICK HERE TO BEST GET ADDONS [MUST VISIT] 
1: Go to the >>File manager>> tab under the >>SYSTEM>> menu.
2:Click on  >>Add source>> option.
3: Click on <<<None>>>” under  “Enter the paths of browse for the media locations” .
4: Type  >>>>Than Click >>Done>>.
5: Type >>fusion>> and then Click >>Done>>.Than Click >>Ok>>.
6: Go to >>Settings>> from “SYSTEM” .
7: Select  >>Add-ons>> Than Click on>>Install from zip file>> Then Click on>>fusion.
Now you see configuration tools such as Config Wizard.To start with Click on "start-here".
       You’ll find all the best Kodi repositories within the “xbmc-repos” folder
There you will see many Zip file select any and install  addons to watch adult,movie,tv WITH XBMC/KODI.