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How to Method Secure Computer System

How to Method Secure Computer System

A secure computer system must accomplish the following steps:--

1. Authentication

2. Authorization

3. Availability of applications and information

4. Data confidentiality

5.  Consistency

A secure computer system must ensure that only authentic user can access a server or an application.
Authentication is the process of confirming the identity of user .Different method are used for authentication .The most common method are the user name and password pairs and smart card.

Authorization  enable you to restrict the access of an authenticated user to server,service ,data,and other IT resources .For example,a user may be allowed to log on to database server in such a manner that he has access to some specific data and objects stored on the server. 

Large enterprise and internet application are accessed by thousands of user .Such application require high availability and optimum performance .A secure system must ensure that the data requested by these user is available when requested by an authorized user.

Confidentiality refer to ensure the privacy of the data stored on a server or in transit to prevent unauthorized user from intercepting and stealing.

A secure system must prevent authorized user from making erroneous updated to data .It must also make sure that malicious  attackers are not allowed to modify or corrupt the information that is essential to carry out business activities in a organization.