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Home Shopping

Home Shopping

We presume it is television based shopping.It may be noted that this concept is picking up now in india in a small way.where in the channels set apart only a very small portion of their broadcasting time to teleshopping.

In the simplest case ,the channels describe the various aspects of their product and the customer can order the items over phone.The goods are delivered to his home and payment can be made in the normal modes.

In a more sophisticated version ,order can be placed online and payment also can be made through credit/debit card.It may be noted that several concepts of traditional marketing like negotiations ,trail testing etc,are missing from this scheme and it is most sutiable for those customers who are almost sure of what they need to buy but who are to busy go to the shops,otherwise ,these is hardly any concept of interaction and there is little scope to ensure the quality of product,after sales services etc.