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Fundamentals of consumer oriented E-Commerce

Fundamentals of consumer oriented E-Commerce

It has been said that the convergence of money ,commerce ,computing and networks from the global consumer market place. Through it is true in most cases,the earliest system had computers begins replaced by other electronic devices like the television or even telephone .It is to be noted that there are several other ,related areas that need to be address while setting up an e-commerce system,

Some of the fundamental issues that need to be addressed before consumer oriented e-commerce can be made broad based are listed below:--

1.Standard business practices and process for buying and selling of products as well as services need to be established.

2.Easy to use and well accepted software and hardware implementations of the various stage of e-commerce like order talking,payment,after sales interactions etc. need to established.

3.Secure commercial and transport practices that make the parties believe that they are not at the mercy of any body else for the safety of their information and goods need to be in place.

We next look at a few of the application of e-commerce in some detail,to understands the implications of e-commerce in a full scale.

we look at the following concepts in some details-------

1.Basic banking services

2.Home shopping

3.Home entertainment

4.Microtransaction for information