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Concept of Commerce and E-Commerce

Concept of Commerce and E-Commerce

Commerce is normally associated with  the buying and selling of items.Traditionally, commerce is one of the oldest activities of human begins and concept of traders selling and buying items is part of history.Normally the activity of commerce/trade presuppose that the buyer and seller as well as the item of trade are available at one place.The is bring us to concept of  markets which is a common place where the buyers and sellers meet along with their products.Money is also an essential part of the market place.Though commerce started and to some extent continues even today with the barter system,where both the seller and the buyer exchange their respective items,to make the entire activity flexible,the concept of money is an essential component.Originally money , in a mutually acceptable from is also a  part of market place with the advent of time,the concept also changed the term commerce extended to beyond the concept of items and today include buying and selling of product,information as well as information and knowledge.

Further, to take care of the concept of money,we have several concepts of banking,various methods of  representing and transferring money like cheques,MOUs,Draft etc.

The advantage of computer brought in another dimension to the situation ,originally computer where used mainly for calculations and scientific application.At that time,they were mainly calculators to speed up and well as make error free calculation.

The growth of computer networks,however,transformed the entire scenario to different magnitude all together,with the concept of connecting computer through transmission media,the need for physically transferring data through floppy disk etc.

Definitely, the key element of e-commerce is information processing.Given a suitable scenario and infrastructure ,every stage of commerce,except of course  production of goods and their physical delivery can be automated.The task that can be automated include information gathering,processing ,
manipulating and information distribution.