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Basic Banking Services

Basic Banking Services

The concepts under basic banking services are what a normal customer would be transacting with his bank most of the time.They are mainly related to personal finances.It can safely be presumed that most of normal transactions that a customer has with his bank can be classified into the following:--

1.Checking his accounts statements

2.Round the clock banking (ATM)

3.Payment of bill etc.

4.Fund transfer and

5.Updating of his pass books etc.

Indeed mast of these can be done through telephone with suitable password etc,except round the clock banking.
The concept of ATM is allow the customer to draw money from his account at any part of the day(or night).In fact ATM are to day through to be one single  concept that change the way bank functioned.
It can be noted that the individual ATMs are connected to a Bank Switching Center.The Switching Center of several banks are interconnected to an association switching center .All such center globally connected to a main Switching center. While the actual operation are not important here ,it is important to note that the PC are any such computers are not employed at the customer level.