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  Always keep turn on automatic update for windows 

 Updating your windows system is best for pc to protect agianst virus or hacking keep automatic update turn-on.Because when your pc find internet connection its automatic download latest security patch for operating-system or you can also choose software updates for Windows Operating Systems.  

  • To get automatic update turn-on .Follow this steps..................

  1. Click on windows Start-Button then click-on Control Panel-->Find Windows update
  2. Select Change settings.
  3. Click Install updates automatically , in case it is not already selected.or you can also set time when you want to update windows.

  • Always keep Windows Firewall turn-on .Follow this steps.....

Firewall is a Software or Hardware that check information coming from the internet or a network.Firewall can block and Allow its to pass through your computer from Firewall Setting.Firewall protect your pc from hacker or malicious software (such as worms) from getting access to your computer from internet or network.


  1. Click on windows Start-Button then click-on Control Panel
  2. Select System and Security
  3. Click Windows Firewall---->click Turn Windows Firewall On or off.
  4. Then Select Turn-On Windows Firewall and Checked  Nodify me When Firewall Block New Program.