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How to Defragment

Defragment Disk

Defragment Disk to ensure that the disk is not cluttered.Defrag means rearranging files and unsued space on your hard disk so that programs run faster.All the scattered data is collected at once place,in contiguous manner-cleaning the disk and enhancing your PC's performance in the process.

Use the following step to defrag a drive..................

1.Select Programs---Accessories---System Tools---Disk Defragmenter from the Start menu.

2.The Disk Defragmenter window is displayed.

3.Click the Analyze option from the Action menu.

The Disk Defragmenter will analyze and defragment the drive.If the analysis recommends that the drive should be defragmented then use the Defragment option .The Disk Defragmenter will be displayed as shown in the following figure.........